Hi, I'm Lai Yi :) You can think of this website as a firm handshake. I updated it on 02 DEC 2020.
Here is a recent work of mine: a moving image of my moving body moving through the choreography of upload and download 1000 times. You can read more about the Choreography of Circulation through my conversation with Marguerite Hemmings on Pioneer Work's the Broadcast here.
Here is a list of socks that people recommended to me.
And here is a recent video of me moving,
100 Scores: movement inspired by computers, while(x), qlmQ, Choreography of Circulation, Time Sequence Choreographies for a Room, Database as a Relational Practice, Pa/tt/ern, y=x
We'll see! Let me know if you'd like me to keep you updated here.
21 SEP 2020 shared Choreography of Circulation on Montez Press Radio
13-14 MAY 2020 spoke at @ csv,conf,5 (Internet) *
5 MAY 2020 shared work/art/life balance for nueBox 'No Pants' webinar (Internet)
28 APR 2020 led while(x):How to Write a Code Poem for Pioneer Works (Internet)
26 APR 2020 read an essay for Montez Press Radio @ (Internet)
3 MAR 2020 moderated Open Performance @ Movement Research 122CC (New York, NY)
7 FEB 2020, opening for TIME SEQUENCE CHOREOGRAPHIES FOR A ROOM, shown as part of Spatial Systems for House & Home @ Office Space 2 (New Brunswick, NJ)
23 JAN 2020 panelist for Creating Accurate and Reliable Broadband Deployment Data @ Next Century Cities Bipartisan Tech Policy 2020 (Washington, D.C.) *
5 NOV 2019 moderated Open Performance @ Movement Research 122CC (New York, NY)
14 OCT 2019, presented Supporting Open Internet Research at RIPENCC79 (Rotterdam, NL) *
24 SEP 2019, panelist for Using Broadband Data to Accelerate Community Planning at National Tribal Broadband Summit (Washington, D.C.) *
22 SEP 2019, presented Networks as Sculpture at Our Networks (Toronto, CA) 
2-15 AUG 2019, participated in Forward Dialogues residency program at Florida State University’s Maggie Allesee National Choreographic Center as Kim Savarino’s collaborator (Tallahassee, FL)
23-24 JUL 2019, performed untitled as artist-in-residence at Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundation (Brooklyn, NY)
23 JUL 2019, presented Supporting Open Internet Research at IETF105 - Global Access to Internet for All Working Group (Internet) *
13 JUL 2019, spoke with Gabrielle Rucker and Emily Shanahan for What Hath God Wrought, organized by CCSSSR at Picture Room (Brooklyn, NY)
14 JUN 2019, led while(x): How to Write a Code Poem for Software for Artists Day at Pioneer Works (Brooklyn, NY)
25 MAY 2019, led drawing workshop in response to Mira Dayal’s installation A Hairline Crack at Gymansium (Brooklyn, NY)
11 MAY 2019, led while(x): How to Write a Code Poem for the Heart of the Machine program series responding to Refiguring Binaries curated by Kelani Nichole at Pioneer Works (Brooklyn, NY)
26 APR 2019, guest led Drawing + Movement workshop with Lucy Liu at Rhode Island School of Design (Providence, Rhode Island)
* On behalf of Measurement Lab
Lai Yi Ohlsen is an artist and tech worker operating at the intersection of measurement, media and movement. She is the Project Director of Measurement Lab, one of Code for Science Society's sponsored projects. Previously, she worked to defend and promote human rights online with eQualitie as Technical Programs Manager.

Ohlsen is a 2019 Artist in Residence at Movement Research and was a Spring 2020 Technology Resident at Pioneer Works. In 2019, she was in residence at Jonah Bokaer Arts Foundationrehearsal and MANCC's Forward Dialogues as Kim Savarino's collaborator. Her work has been shown at Tech Zine Fair, Movement Research’s Fall Festival, New York Art Book Fair, the Internet Archive’s Decentralized Web Summit and Our Networks. She is the author of 100 Scores: movement inspired by computers and tends to her creative practice at Soft Surplus, a collective warehouse space in Brooklyn.

With a background in computer science, project management and community organizing, she translates technical visions into actionable, accessible, and assessable plans. Her multidisciplinary work across industries aims to better understand who and what technology is for. Her current research interests include the proliferation of movement through crappily compressed images, the resistance of automated ‘best practice’ bodies, and how analog forms move in resistance against digital power.
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