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100 scores: movement inspired by computers

00 Questions
100 Scores: movement inspired by computers is collection of improvisational movement scores based upon computational algorithms. 000, 001, 010, and 100 each focus upon a different theme: Networks, Organization, Timing and Trust, respectively. The scores are written to be danced, using the physical medium to translate computer theory to the physical body.
01 Publication
100 Scores was distributed as a zine at New York Tech Zine Fair 2018, New York Art Book Fair 2018 and the Creative Independent / are.na 'How to Use the Internet Mindfully' release.
02 Partipatory
From 2016-2017, 100 Scores was developed into a series of particpatory performance of improvisational scores inspired by computers that have created a repository of responses. 100 Scores was presented in 5 cities including Berlin, Germany for Flee Immediately at Panke Gallery as part of Vorspiel, Washington, D.C. at American University and Richmond, VA at Sediment Arts.
03 Photos
[01], [02], [03]
04 Distribution
If you would like a copy of the zine, feel free to reach out.