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Choreography of Circulation

00 Questions
If, as Marshall Mcluhan famously said,“the medium is the message” then what can we learn from the mediated body? And if the body is being mediated by digital bits, is it more than a “remediation” of the technology we use to disseminate it? That is, at what point does the body’s ability to move as its own medium give way to its for-better-or-for-worse digital counterparts? What qualitative shifts occur when a body moves as a file, a fragment, a zero, or a one - and do they even matter? When looking at the chunky, blurry version of reality that technology asks us to (literally) subscribe to, Hito Steyerl reminds us,“one could of course argue that this is not the real thing, but then—please, anybody—show me this real thing.”
01 Presentation
The Choreography of Circulation was performed as part of Movement Research's 2018 Fall Festival and Jonah Boaker Arts Center's 2019 Artist-in-Residence program.
The work is currently being supported by Movement Research and Pioneer Works.
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