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00 Description
From the Internet Archive's Deecntralized Web Summit Secrets Exhibition: qlmQ subverts the use of an encrypted protection by exposing the artist’s private key on a common sticker. What is supposed to be a unique, secret identifier for the artist’s identity will be transposed onto a flexible, vulnerable, reproducible format designed for mass proliferation. The act of careless distribution positions privacy in a permanently public context and challenges the notion of their dichotomy. By sticking privacy onto public spaces globally, Ohlsen asks: what is the potential for a spectrum between these two poles?
01 Presentation
qlmQ was distributed at Internet Archive's Decentralized Web Summit in August 2018 and presented at Peer-to-Peer NYC in May 2018 at School for Poetic Computation (video here) and 'Far / Near' Premiere in June 2018 at Mesa Arts Center, supported by [nueBOX]
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