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Time Sequence Choreographies for a Room

00 Description
From the Office Space 2 Press Release: For Spatial Systems for Everyday Living, she presents TIME SEQUENCE CHOREOGRAPHIES FOR A ROOM, a series of twenty diagrammatic drawings that function as choreographic scores. Ohlsen’s simplified scores explore rhythm and movement through the concept of “sequence diagrams” in software engineering, which indicate how a message is sent and received. Additionally, the works take inspiration from early digital artist Manfred Mohr, who created some of the first algorithmically generated artworks in the 1960s. In collaboration with members of the audience, Ohlsen will perform a real-time translation of the drawings into movement on the exhibition’s opening night.
01 Presentation
TIME SEQUENCE CHOREOGRAPHIES FOR A ROOM was shown as part of Office Space 2's Spatial Systems for Everyday Living in January 2020.
03 Photos
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